Eri Watanabe
Born on January 5, 1955. From Yamagata Prefecture. After learning about Seihai theater at the Butai Geijyutsu Gakuin, she set up the "Gekidan Sanjyumaru" theatrical troupe in 1978. She was at the forefront of the small theater trend. Currently the head of "Office Sanjyumaru". Produced and performed in many popular shows as playwright, director, and actress. Published the books "Gegege no Ge/Mabuta no Onna", "Hikaru Shunkan/Tsukiyo no Dokeshi", "Tenshineko/Tsuki ni Nureta Te" through Hayakawa Publishing Inc. and the "Life Advice" series on the Mainichi Shimbun. Serving her 2nd term as the President of the Japan Playwrights Association. Apart from theatrical plays, she is also active in various other fields like dramas, movies, and authorship. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Japan Academy Film Prize for her role in the movie "Shall we Dance?", among many other awards. She also performs live as a singer. She will be playing a role in the comedy "Rogo no Shikin ga Arimasen (No retirement money)" starting from August 2021.

2015 - 2015 55th ACC CM FESTIVAL Craft Award Film Category Acting Award, for her acting in the Tokyo Gas "Kazoku no Kizuna - Haha to wa"
2008 - Nagoya Engeki Pen-club Award
"Koi wa Comedy"
1997 - 20th Japan Academy Film Prize Best Supporting Actress Award
"Shall we Dance?"
1996 - 21st Hochi Film Award Best Supporting Actress Award
"Shall we Dance?"
1995 - 4th Japanese Professional Movie Awards Special Award
"Crest of Betrayal (Chushingura Gaiden: Yotsuya Kaidan)" & "Kowagaru Hitobito"
1995 - 17th Japan Academy Film Prize Best Supporting Actress Award
"Crest of Betrayal (Chushingura Gaiden: Yotsuya Kaidan)"
1991 - Golden Prague International Television Festival First Prize
"Oto - Shizuka no Umi ni Nemure"
1987 - 22nd Kinokuniya Theatre Awards
"Gegege no Ge Ouma ga Toki ni Yureru Buranko"
1980 - Theater Green Award
"Revised TIME (Yume Sakanobotte Ame ga Furu)"

Other than that, she has won many other awards such as Best Supporting Actress awards at other Asian international film festivals and the Sugako Hashida Award.



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